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I'd love to be your intuition guide

1:1 Inner Warrior Coaching is designed just for you. My spirit guides are here to work with your spirit guides to help you build your intuition, connect to your passion, and unleash the inner warrior within you.

1:1 Inner Warrior Coaching

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Hello Warriors, 

My name is Julia Frances. I am an intuition guide. I help intuitives on their spiritual journey by developing their intuition to unleash their inner warrior. I want us to start to stand tall together. 

We no longer have to be afraid, as we all have a spiritual being inside of us that wants to grow. 

I am here to guide you, support you and love you unconditionally throughout this process

I can’t wait to meet you and get to know each and every one of you. 

Love always, 

Julia Frances 

I fully believe that my purpose here on Earth is to guide you. 

To help you move through fear and blocked emotions. 

To realign your energy.  To reconnect your mind, body and soul – into one SOLE 

To build and develop your intuition. To trust your purpose and mission here on Earth 

To heal from old wounds. To disconnect from unaligned family patterns 

To grow within your passion each and every day. To help you get out of that negative headspace 

To help you from not feeling so stuck, lost and confused. To help you understand your spiritual awakening 

To bring you back into your body, and stop you from going into a spiritual bypass 

To help you see your worth, your drive, and love for what it is you do and who you are 

To not be afraid to stand your ground, live within your intuition each and every day and be you, authentically and fully.