Transformational Change

what does it mean when a butterfly flies around you

At 3 am, I awoke from cold sweats surfacing back into my body from a forgotten dream. This was nothing new. I was waking up around this time for the last several nights. Some dreams I remembered, and others like this one were forgotten. Despite being forgotten, all my dreams seemed so real. So true. As if my soul had left my physical body.

A voice echoed in my head. Thoughts began to race. Going back to sleep was impossible. My eyes were wide with the excitement of the future, of life. I was surrounded with possibilities. For once I wasn’t afraid of what was yet to come, a world so daunting with what if’s and the expectations of humanity. For once, I was able to begin to see myself for who I am, and for who I was meant to be.

“Write” the voice it said ever so clearly. “Write.” The urge to write was strong. It felt so true. So real. Unstoppable. I wrote. As I wrote, I learned about automatic writing, I learned about channelling, and my spirit guide Elda. She showed me that I was able to connect and receive messages through spirit. She showed me I was able to talk to loved ones who passed on and heal souls to set them free. She taught me about fear. Darkness. Faith. Hope. Light. Love. Pain. Truth. She taught me about the universe and the in-between. She started me on a path of emotional healing and self love. She transformed my life forever and still this transformation is never ending. Secrets have been unfolded. Puzzle pieces put together, and ever more so continuing to be put together.

My intuitive abilities developed quickly. At first, the transformation was overwhelming. Over time as I took mediumship development classes, I learned how to ground myself. I learned how to connect and disconnect from both worlds. I learned to trust my emotions and the truth. I learned to connect to spirit and share messages from souls. The truth helped me see who I am. I am a Medium. A psychic medium. And this, is the start of my journey. My journey of self discovery and the non physical world, a journey of trusting myself, loving myself, and connecting to myself. This journey is also yours.

We all have intuitive abilities.  It’s the feeling of rightfulness and trust. That gut feeling we often ignore, often choosing logic, evidence, and scientific fact. It’s time however, to put the negativity aside, release the fear and begin your own inner healing. It’s time to start trusting your intuition and recognizing there is more to life and more to ourselves than what we see. I’m inviting you to start your journey with me so we can discover the truth about ourselves together. The first step is to let go of what is holding you back from seeing the truth, feeling love and turning to the light. Let’s begin.

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