Why Butterflies?

I like to think of butterflies as messengers. They often show up in unexpected places and at unexpected times. They are messages of hope, love, and soul. They are messages of faith. They are internal life and life after death. When I see butterflies, I am reminded that there is more to life than death, I am reminded there is more to life than just existing. Symbols of butterflies are messages from spirit, from my loved ones, from my guides. They are symbols I see on a daily basis, everywhere. Yesterday I saw them on a woman’s pants when I went to go get my nails done. The day before, I saw butterfly stickers on my Aunt’s fridge, it’s a fridge that I open many times, walked past many times but that day was the first time I saw the butterfly stickers. I see them on clothing, bags, and wallets. The woman I sat beside at the Hay House Conference had butterflies on her bag and her wallet. My close friend’s 2-year-old daughter has them on the bag she likes to carry around with her. My mechanic’s daughter was wearing them on her shoes the day they came to rescue me when my car broke down. Another Aunt put butterflies on the quilt she made for me. My admin at work has butterfly magnets in her office. The list continues and messages from above flow in. I am reminded to look between the lines, connect the dots, and to see there is more meaning to the symbol than just what is appearing in front of me.

Everyone can receive symbols and messages from spirit. They often do. It’s about opening up our hearts to the possibility of messages. Often at times, they are right in front of our eyes. Butterflies are just one example. Feathers are another, they are often the easiest to hide and the easiest symbol to play tricks with our mind. We think that they have just fallen out of a pillow. Next time you find one in an unexpected place, it more than likely did not fall out of a pillow and is more than likely a message. Some find dimes and coins. Others see Cardinals. For others, it may be a sense of warmth you get unexpectedly or possibly shivers that race up and down your body.  It could be a pain in a certain part of your body, a feeling you get when you walk into a room. You could see and receive certian types of flowers. Or receive messages through words of a song, words written on paper and clothing. Then there are messages of numbers that if placed in a pattern may symbolize a date, an important place in time, a meaning behind the truth. Messages from our loved ones are everywhere. They are all around us. Every day. Each day. Open your heart, open your mind, let go of what’s holding you back from receiving and let the messages come to you. As you continue to go on your daily routine, don’t force the symbols to come, instead watch as they appear unexpectedly around you. If you are stuck, and if you tried to open your heart and mind to the messages in the symbols or to see the symbols themselves, please contact me, and for this week only from June 3 – June 9, 2018 I will give you an email reading on what symbols you should be looking for and who they are from. 

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