The Safest Place

As we embark on this journey of transformation, it is important to have a place to come back to. A place that’s safe. A home. A sanctuary. A mausoleum. It’s that safe place you’ve created to let go of the world around you. It’s that safe place you’ve created to breathe in the energy of the light. It’s the safe place you have created to be whoever you are and whoever you want to be. That safe place is your safest place.

The safest place can change over time, developing into who and what you want to be in it. Growing up, my safest place was inside of myself, lost in my imagination, lost in make-believe. I created a world where I was valued, loved and wanted. It was a world where I felt the safest, even during the darkness of times. It was my safest place. It was to me ever so much alive and at times it helped me to survive. Sometimes, admits the darkness we close ourselves off to the outside world, to the outside places, and we bury our souls in the safest of places. As we breathe in our light, the darkness eventually fades and life transforms. Multiple places emerge.

The blue-roofed building. The school with the wall art. The house surrounded by evergreens. The house that holds a family together, the house that holds its history inside its walls, the history inside us all. Multiple places create us. Multiple places build us. Multiple places become us. We become them. They aren’t the safest place. Or it could be that they are and we, because we are lost amongst ourselves, are failing to see, failing to feel, and failing to trust that there may, may just be the safest place on the outside as well as on the inside.

As days have turned to night, and night to day, little by little, I’ve stepped outside the safest place, the one buried inside myself and soul, the one created through my imagination. Piece by piece, I’ve started to let go. I started to trust what’s true and see what’s real. I’ve started to see that there is more than what we know, there is more than what we believe and there is more than what we feel. It’s about trusting what is hidden amongst our imagination to build and use our intuition on the outside. Once we are able to see what’s inside our imagination we are able to then let it go, and let it out into the outside world. We are able to use our intuition to feel, to trust and to guide us to another place, the safest place. The safest place, that’s on the outside as well as the safest place that’s on the inside.

When you’ve been inside for so long, it’s easy to forget how terrifying it is to be on the outside. To be real and raw. To feel anything at all. Being on the outside can be just as jumbled up as it can to be on the inside. Together, we can build what’s on the inside to see what’s on the outside. Together we can build what’s on the outside to see what’s on the inside. Together we can create a landing dock, a force of light. We can create a world where everything is bright. Amongst the moon and stars, amongst the universe, we can wrap our arms amongst ourselves and hold each other close. We can create truth from meaning and make meaning into being. Together we can make this into the safest place. Our safest place. The safest place.

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