We Are More Than. Life is More Than.

Have you ever wondered why we are here? Have you ever wondered where we come from? Have you ever thought there is more to who we are, more to what we are? Have you ever thought there is more to the universe than what we see, than what everyone sees?

We are all here, searching endlessly. Looking for answers to unknown questions, to life that is beyond what we see. We are searching endlessly. Searching for more. Looking for less. Wanting to be something, wanting to be more than something. As the world moves around us, we float with it, endlessly searching, endlessly looking and half believing.

We half believe in a world created by others, created by opinions that influence our own. We are a society that is looking for logic, for evidence, for science and fact. We believe what we are expected to believe and what we are expected to see. Throughout our journey on earth, we often lose sense of who we are and where we came from. We lose sense of path, and our purpose. We also lose sense as to why we are here and sometimes even lack understanding to the journey that we created.

As we lose sense of ourselves, the world continues to move. Life moves. Everything moves. We move with it. Day by day. Moment by moment. Despite being lost amongst the atmosphere we continue to move forward, continue to create a story that was once uncreated, and then recreated. We are still stuck, lost, half believing what we are raised and what we feel we are supposed to believe.

I grew up half believing. I was taught there was a Heaven and Hell. I was told that if I was good, I’d go to Heaven and if I sinned I’d go to Hell. I was told to pray, to believe in God, to follow a religion. It was my mother’s way of showing us, of half believing, of wanting there to be more than life, than what was in front of us. It was my mother’s way of showing me that if I believed I could be more than. We could be more than.

This way of being more than, didn’t make sense to me. We are all meant to be more than. We are all meant to be. We are brought here to be. The divide in equality. The divide in good and bad. Is anything but what we are meant to be. We come as equal, we are born as equal. We come to live, live out a purpose, and find who we are within our souls. But we only half believe because that is all we are taught to develop. Somewhere in this endless illusion of time, our intuition becomes forgotten, our intuition becomes buried. Therefore, we can’t only half believe, we have to fully believe, in ourselves and who we are.

How can we fully believe in something that someone might not see as the truth? How can we fully believe in something that someone might not see as logic, as fact, as evidence. How can we fully believe and not only half believe? It’s an endless search, but not an impossible search. We must begin by looking within ourselves, and trusting the feeling within ourselves. We can feel it, that trust, within our gut. Even though we can feel it, often we over analyse it, until the feeling of trust is vanished, buried deep within our souls.

Our intuition holds our purpose and purpose holds power the power, the power, to discover who we are. The more we develop our intuition and the more we trust ourselves, we are able to see what lies before us and what lies within us. We are able to see the now. We are able to see and feel exactly where we need to be and what we need to do. Look at your life. Look at where you are now and where you were. Everything happens for a reason. Life forms around us as if everything and everyone where meant to be. We are all meant to be. We are more than what we see.

Next time, you have that feeling of trust, the one that echoes throughout your body, listen to it. Feel it. Believe it. Go with it. See where it takes you and look for the truth. It is through the truth that you may be able to see that we are all more than what we are supposed to be. We are more than. Life is more than.

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