5 Common Struggles That Every Empathic Person Faces

As empaths, every day can sometimes be a struggle. Others emotions and energy often get attracted to us, good or bad. This can be tough, especially if you are in a busy work environment, a crowded area, event, or function. Our emotions tend to heighten as a result and sometimes we are left to feel all the emotions around us. This can become at times, overwhelming. We connect to others in a way that attaches them to us, draws them in and somehow we compel them. This can happen at any time and anywhere. Sometimes, we are just walking down the street,  we could be at the grocery store, a fitness class, or a social event. Then when the conversation is done, the event is completed and the day is over, we can be left feeling exhausted, introverting into our save place while cutting everything and everyone out around us.

I wanted to create this post to raise awareness that while sometimes there are advantages to being an empath, there are also disadvantages, common struggles that we all tend to go through. As I share my own top 5 struggles, I hope that some of you reading this can relate to some or all of the points. Please feel free to leave a comment and join in on the discussion to share what your struggles are as an empath. Together, I hope that we can build each other up and not bring each other down.

We Feel Too Many Emotions From Others

Often at times, emotions from others can get tangled up within our own. This can be hard a times to explain to those who are not empath. As empaths others emotions get attached to us and we are left to feel, overly feel.  It can feel as if the volume from the TV is turned up to full blast. That’s how an empath can feel. Everything is heightened. Emotions are often unmanageable. We may respond to things or feel things differently in the state of feeling someone else’s emotion than we would our own. You can feel the emotion through every part of your body, almost in the exact same way the other person is feeling this in their own body. This feeling can overpower you, and impact your ability to cope.

We Can Have A Hard Time Coping With Emotions

As empaths, when we feel all of these unwanted emotions, emotions that are not our own, we can eventually explode. We explode because sometimes we think these emotions are our own. It can be challenging distinguishing between someone else’s emotion and your own. Due to the fact that our sensitivity to feel emotions is so high, we struggle to cope. Sometimes our emotions are so heightened we can’t cope or we don’t know how to cope. It’s as if we are lost between two worlds, our own world and a world of someone else. We know our world, what works to calm ourselves down when we are upset, we know what to do what we have had too much, we know what works. In this other world, it is unknown. We don’t know this person’s coping strategies. We don’t know what works or what doesn’t work. What may work for us to calm ourselves down may not work for someone else’s feelings. There are times we struggle with these feelings inside. We can turn to unhealthy coping strategies as a result. Anything to try and shut the emotions down and block ourselves out. Drinking. Drugs. Spending Money. Sex. Food. Unhealthy relationships. Unusual behaviors. We try anything. Eventually, these unhealthy habits become challenging and even more exhausting. In turn, we struggle to connect with ourselves and connect with others. We struggle because we can’t cope, and this struggle then creates another struggle, and eventually another struggle. Eventually, we come to a place where we are overly sensitive not only to ourselves but to everyone around us.

We Can Be Overly Sensitive To Conflict

 When there is conflict, we can feel it from across the room. Sometimes the feeling, the sense of conflict can be so overpowering we avoid it. We keep to ourselves. Lock all the emotions inside, until then bam, they explode. Everything explodes. Emotions then get extremely high and of course, we feel these emotions when they are extremely high. They vibrate within our skin. They sink within our stomachs. They burry within our souls. The feeling becomes intensive. Utterly intensive. We then in turn try and get rid of the feeling, try and solve the conflict. By doing this, however, the emotions get bounced right back into us and while the conflict may eventually get solved, it is usually us who apologize. We take the fault and take the blame because we don’t want the other person or people involved to feel like they are nothing at all.

We Don’t Want to Hurt Other’s Feelings

When we feel so much at times, we can feel others hurt and others heartbreak. We have a high understanding and often feeling what is right from wrong, wrong from right and often feel the truth in others. Despite the fact that we may know we are right in the argument, we can to give in because we don’t want to those around us to get hurt. When we see or feel that others are hurt, our own heart hurts, just as much and maybe possibly more. We try and make things right, fix what may not be able to be fixed. We give constantly to others around us and expect very little in return. We live for praise and application. We live for acknowledgement and the truth. But while we hold these things value to us, we are able to understand that other’s can’t at time see the truth. We try hard to not put other’s down. We try not to create hurt, because at the end of the day, because as empath’s we hurt. We always hurt.

We Can Get Exhausted Being Around People

At the end of the day, we can get exhausted. As empaths, we are often catering to everyone else’s needs but our own and feeling their emotions and our own. We are constantly trying to do the right thing, but out the fight, fix what was broken and make it become right. We try. We are always trying. Even though we are empaths, we are human too, and just like everyone else. We have our own wants and our own needs. Sometimes it is hard for us to put those needs and wants first, to look after ourselves first. The more emotions and the more from others that we do bring in, we eventually see how important it is to look after yourself. It’s easy to become exhausted, and as a result, it’s easy at the end of the day to shut ourselves off from the world, lock ourselves away to give us time to recharge. Taking that time to recharge is much needed. If you are always constantly going and if you are always constantly feeling, while constantly giving, there then gets to be nothing left for ourselves. It’s important to take time throughout the day to make sure you are aware and feeling your own emotions and meeting your wants and needs.









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