Becoming Heard

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Something comes from nothing. Nothing comes from something. Overpowered. Over spoken. Unvalued. Unheard. Words form. Sentences are made. We try and be outspoken, but we are left, unheard, overlooked, and provoked. Speak up. Be noticed. Gain attention. Use a voice. We are still left unheard. Inside we are screaming. Outside, we barely blink. Who understands? Who hears? We cry. We beg. We plead. We are unnoticed. A voice that is unimportant. Not good enough. Never good enough. Unheard. We are unheard.

Who will answer us? Who will come to us? Who will wrap their arms around us? Listen. Listen. We are here. We are there. We are everywhere. Screaming. Loudly. Silently. Screaming. Over and over again. Just like the first time. Just like the last time. Just like the next time. We are unheard.

Children. We are children. We want to be heard, want to be noticed, and want to be loved. Somehow, somewhere along the way, we became unheard. Now we are lost inside, trapped amongst feelings, emotions, and thoughts. We are lost. Unnoticed. Unheard. What happened to you? What happened my child, to make you unheard? A traumatic event, an overflowing storm? A trust that has vanished along the way? What happened to you? What happened my child, to make you unheard?

Inside we feel unheard. Inside we break. Inside we plead. Inside we hope. We grasp hold of our surroundings. Anything to make us believe, anything to make us see. We are here We are everywhere. My child, please listen, we are here. Hurt. Pain. Heartbreak. Broken promises. Broken hope. We walk with beating hearts. We walk with bleeding hearts. We cope with unhealthy mechanisms, anything to take the pain away. We turn to anyone, those to make us feel wanted, those who make us feel valued, those who make us feel loved and those, who make us feel unheard.

How is it then that we become heard? Lost in the motion and movement of today, of every day. People. Places. Things. Everything circles around us. Life moves fast. Events happen. A journey is created. Our voices remain lost amongst the motion and the movement, amongst us, lost within our soul. Speak up, my child. Let’s hear your voice. Let’s feel your thoughts, and sneak the emotions to see life within your soul. You are here. You are everywhere. Speak up my child, it’s time to become heard.

Heard. A voice, that echoes from within. A voice that surfaces. A voice that becomes valued. A voice that’s believed. A voice that’s dominated. Heard. We are and will be heard. Heard within us. Heard within our soul. We are and will be heard.  Close your eyes. Speak your truth. Sneek your truth That’s your voice. Your power. Everything stands within, life forms from within. We see, we live, we love, the physical world around us, but it’s in the non-physical that life forms, that we form and we become heard. We have always and will always be cherished, loved, wanted. We hold value, faith, and hope. Our guides guide us, listen to us, respect us. We become heard and are never unheard.

We transform. We grow. We develop. We turn inside out. We bloom like flowers. We leave our cocoons like butterflies. We fly free. We fly high. We build our intuition. We develop trust and grow within ourselves. We let go, try not to look back. We run. Fast and far away. We run from ourselves and from those around us. Please, my child, don’t be afraid, as feelings and emotions form, love will develop. Please, my child, decide to stay.

The search may seem endless. Our voices may seem distant. A truth unbelievable. A life that’s become forgotten. Searching brings up nothing. We bury ourselves, blockade ourselves. We lose ourselves. We pretend in something that is more than. Within our souls, as we journey towards a path of discovery, we become heard. Our lives, our childhoods, and our dreams, inside ourselves we become heard. We build our intuition, connect to our higher selves, retrieve messages for our spirit guides and teachers. This is how we how we stay heard. On the outside. On the inside. This is how we stay heard.

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