This Isn’t Who We Are Supposed To Be

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We are all one. One body. One mind. One soul.

We are all one essence. One true self. One being. We are one being made up of numerous parts, put together to live on Earth and adapt to the physical world. We are all one. We always have been and always will be. We are one, made up of many different parts, particles, and pieces. Despite our many different organs and systems, we are one. One body. One mind. One soul.

We always have been one.

It’s hard to understand ourselves as one when we have been thinking, living and breathing in the physical world, and have adapted to life on Earth. Here we are taught from medical models, scientific, evidence-based thoughts and factual analytics. We are taught to think in black and white and to follow rules in relation to what is right and what is wrong.

When things are grey, we panic.

We aren’t used to operating in grey areas, we aren’t use to problem solving in grey areas. We believe in the truth. We believe in the truth set forth by society, a truth set forth by government, a truth set forth by others. We believe that this truth is our truth, we believe that this world, the structure, the society is who we are and how we are supposed to live. The moment we step foot outside the society, become different, or attempt to embrace our true selves, we are criticized and judged. We learn to believe from a young age that we are not good enough, ourselves, our beings, our life, the journey we were set forward to live, we learn to believe that we are not good enough to be in it, that is unless we adapt, unless we learn to follow rules, believe in a truth that isn’t, see life in a way that wasn’t meant to be, and believe that this is how our lives are supposed to be. We are taught through education. We are taught through government. We are taught through religion. We are taught through our parents own values and beliefs. We are taught through media, news, and other’s individual views. But what about our own views? What about our own beliefs? What about who we are? What about where we are?

We lose sight of spirituality and the concept of intuition. 

We fail to understand there is a non-physical world, a life after death and the process of life after death. We become lost in black and white thinking, black and white believing. We are all one. Built the same, made the same, and will be the same when we leave this life. We are all one, yet nothing seems like it is one. We don’t seem like we are one. How is it then that we go back to being one?

Look. See. Feel. Speak.

Look at the world around you. Look at life and death. See where things don’t line or don’t make sense. See yourself, inside of you, feel yourself. Try to move back the layers to what is true, and what is you. Feel that feeling inside, the one you can’t explain, the one you would never explain. What does it want? What does it say? Listen to it, see it, believe it. That feeling, that being, that believing, that is you, that is all you.

Take some time to breathe. Take some time to think.

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Imagine a light from the top of your head that goes up to the outside world, that travels high above the sky and into the universe. Take that light, and bright it through your body. Focus on how you feel, and on who you want to be. Words and thoughts will form and you will think that this isn’t who you are supposed to be, but trust that this is who you are supposed to be. You will feel that this is who you are supposed to be. Take this feeling, take the thoughts, and hold on to the believing. The more you slowly begin to see, the more you slowly begin to change the way you think and what you believe, will lead you closer to who you want to be.

Never feel you cannot be who you want to be.

We are all brought here to be the person, the individual that we are supposed to be. It is the outside factors, of society, of life, it is these factors that take us away from being, from seeing and from believing. Always believe. Always see. Always be. Always be who you want to be. Who you want to be is who you are supposed to be and what we are supposed to see.



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