Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be scary. Trust me I get it. For the majority of us, stepping into the unknown, doing something uncomfortable to us can be frightening. Fear often steps in and it becomes easy to just avoid doing things that seem uncomfortable to us.

For the longest time, I lived within a bubble, afraid to experience the unknown, not wanting to sit in an uncomfortable feeling.

Have you ever had a sudden erg to step outside your comfort zone?

 A sudden erg to listen to your intuition, let go and trust what your gut is trying to tell you?

What our intuition tells us at times, may logically not seem right, and may seem unrealistic, despite the fact that it feels so realistic. We are often afraid to listen to our intuition and step out of our comfort zones as logical thoughts and societal norms can get in the way. It wasn’t until I began to step outside my comfort zone, that I really began to experience life.  I stopped listening to options of those around me and really began to listen to me, turning the negative messages in my head positive.

I had gone to a meeting yesterday, which turned out to a really good outcome. I had also planned to attend a meetup, in which I would be sharing my business pitch to a group of people. For some reason, the days leading up to the event, I didn’t want to go. I was afraid. Terrified of putting myself out there. Which, I have been learning is what starting a business is all about. The more I put myself out there, and step outside my comfort zone to do things that I don’t necessarily want to do, but rather attend because my intuition is screaming at me to do so, have brought huge learning opportunities for myself and has allowed my confidence to grow.

For the longest time, I was afraid to take action steps, reach my goals and make my dreams happen. I was closed off, trapped within this bubble of doubt, fear, and not feeling good enough. One of the best lessons, I have learned throughout this journey so far is to trust my intuition, and listen to my gut. Every time I have done so, it hasn’t let me down. While taking the initial steps in stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary at first, the more you do it, the more easier it will become. In times when, my head can overrule my intuition, I give myself to the universe, asking for guidance while always trusting that it will be there for me, even if I do fall.

Throughout my spiritual journey, along the way, there have been ups and downs. Things haven’t always turned out exactly the way I planned and even now, the universe has a way of surprising me. Each and every day. I am learning more and more, that as long as you put yourself out there, and set the intentions of what it is you want, the universe will always give it back to you, in more ways than one.  

For me, I spent the last little while, living two feet outside my body. I wasn’t present, and I wasn’t putting myself out there. I was meditating, wishing, thinking, and dreaming, but not taking the action steps to go along with the process. When the universe sees you putting in this effort, it will then help you on this process. It’s simple, what you put into things is what you get out of it. Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zones is one of these things we have to do. But sometimes, it’s not that simple. There can be fear, a lot of it. Fear is just an illusion. We are often so trapped up in fear, that we forget that we have the power to fight fear.

What would be a step you take that would allow you to step outside your comfort zone today?

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