We Are Divided

I’ve been taking time lately to centre myself. To reflect. To connect inward. To understand and see what has been holding me back. To accept things, I cannot change. To change things I cannot accept. I have been looking inward instead of looking outward.

I feel this mean to create, dream and be inspired. I feel this desire to unleash myself and connect to my truest potential.

It’s been over a month since I have gotten out of the hospital. Since I have gone back to living my life. I have spent this month listening to my intuition and sitting in my truth. At first, this was hard to do. There were so many defences. There still are defences. There is always work to be done on ourselves. No matter where we are at in life, it is never too late to do self-work, to build and grow yourself.

Society paints us a picture of what our lives should look like. It tells us what you should do when you are done high school, tells us to go to college. It tells you that after college, you need to find a career. It tells you to work in that career until you retire. Then when you retire it rewards you. It tells you are now able to spend your hard-earned money. It tells you that you now have free time to travel, to explore, and to discover yourself.

We work our whole lives for a house maybe, a couple cars if that, a trip once or twice a year, maybe not at all. We work our whole lives for our children so that they have a better life than we did. We sacrifice. We make decisions with our thoughts and minds. We try to be logical. We try to be heard, want to be accepted, and longed to be loved.

Society tells us to get married and build families. Society tells us to have children young, but not too young. Society tells us to abide by rules and regulations. Society determines our government despite our right to vote. Society likes to control, likes to create consumerism, and targets marking audiences. Society has us wrapped around their fingers. They let us advocate to an extent so that we can think that we are doing something good. They let us step out of line a bit only to put us back in line.

What if that line fell apart? What if we fell off the line? Take a moment to reflect on that. What would your life be like? What would the world itself be like?

Think back to times when the rules and regulations for the government did change? What happened then to make it change? What movements were in place?

There was the American Revolution, a war that established the United States of America, at least that’s what we were taught. We tend to forget that the Native Americans, the indigenous peoples established North American as a whole, long before we entered the world, long before we called it home.

We fail to look at colonization and how we tour the indigenous cultural apart. We failed to look at how the Western culture longed for power and control, brought it over from Europe, sailed it across the seas, dating it back for centuries. We fail to see that this is very much still here today. We look away from the abuse we caused. We look away from residential schools which tour families apart, took away the culture and language which anyone, any individual would hold close. We viewed the way children were raised within the indigenous culture as indifferent, and removed children from their homes during the Sixties Scoop. We look away from the number of missing and murdered aboriginal women that continues to rise. We look away from the number of indigenous families who live in poverty, live in places that have no running water, live in places that have a lack of income and food. We live within this identity belief that poverty is present only in third world countries. We tend to forget that it is very much present in our backyards.

There was the Civil Rights Movement which was created to bring equal rights to African Americans. We signed a bill and created change, in a way to forget the horrors we put their culture through, the abuse and racism we brought upon them. Some of us ignore the fact, that the black lives matter movement is still very much and present today. Thousands, millions of African American individuals come together to advocate for their rights, advocate for acceptance, for love and for a voice.

We take fault to the LGBTQ population. We diminish their right to be loved and give love. We tell them that they are wrong and what they believe in not right. We tend to forget and embrace Pride. We forget that love is love is love. Why can we not live in a world where it does matter who we love, and the way we love?

The Women’s Movement follows suit. The fight for equal rights. The fight for women to vote. The fight to empower feminism. The fight to bring feminism to an equal playing field, aligned with masculine. Still today there are marches and protests made in solidarity.

There are movements against wars, Donald Trump and immigration laws. Voices are raised. Marches are created. People around the world come together in solidarity. Some show support while others create hate.

Today, the hate crimes on race and sexuality continue.

White supreme religions say they empower, accept and love one another. Klux Klan and neo-Nazi organizations. Even the mainstream religions at times. They have views on how society should be. They reduce freedom of speech, the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to love yourself and embrace yourself. In reality, some of these religions increase hate and increase racism. They bring judgement to those who are indifferent to them.

In today’s world, society strives on control, tells us how to behave, what we should believe and how we should think.

Some of us get born into these religions. Some of us break free. Some of us stay—maybe in fear, or maybe our thoughts and mindset are so wired that they cannot express their selves or connect to their selves. Some tell us how to act and what to wear. Some have rituals. Some embrace the bible. Some hate the bible.

There is Hinduism. Buddhism. Islam. Jainism. Christianity.  Judaism. Shintoism. Skhism. Taoism. Wicca. Zoroastrianism. All have different beliefs. All hold different faiths.

Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are the top three largest religions in the world.

Yet, there is such a public embrace on Christianity that we tend to forget this. We look at their faults and abandon our own. It is easier to blame someone else for our mistakes then accept them ourselves.

We live in fear, live in fault, glut and shame. We are afraid of these religions. We are afraid to be depowered. We are afraid to be called out for what we have done, and the mistakes we have made.

Within the Roman Catholic Religion, the Pope holds all the power. Some worship the Pope as much as they worship the Queen of England. They look past the heartbreaks from the residential schools, and the amount of sexual abuse in the church.

They look past the domestic violence and the masculinity they embrace. They blame these things on other religions, forgetting it is present in their own.

While all the religions around us hold different views, beliefs, purpose and meaning, we are all searching for the same thing. We all want love. We all want acceptance. We want faith. We want a higher vibration and a connection to the Universe.

Around us, Society has created a divide. Within society we burry secrets. We struggle to accept ourselves on the inside. We look to the outside for validation.

We join movements so we have a voice, so we can be heard, so we can be loved and accepted. At the end of the day, we all want to be treated equal, be on equal levels, viewed not as some but as one.

We join religion, cults and spiritual groups to understand the universe and our lives within it. We look for meaning, a meaning to make sense of our physical beings. We try to connect to our spiritual beings. There is this longing inside us all. A longing many of us search for, a desire, a want, a need to be welcomed home.

Lets put the society aside for a minute. Lets let go of their expectations, the names and labels. In your mind try separate spirituality from religion. Break the two of them apart and focus on spirituality as a whole. What does it mean to you? What does spirituality create for you?


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