A Letter To My Future Client

Dear Soul Seeker,

I know we have not met yet. I just want you to know that I am here waiting. I am holding space for you with open arms, and welcoming your energy within, while sending my energy throughout.

You have tried for so long to find the right, spiritual teacher, healer, medium, channeler, psychic and intuition guide. You have worked with others and have gotten nowhere. You are defeated. You are exhausted. You are frustrated and about to give up on your spiritual journey.

You have been on this endless search to find your tribe. To find a community where you feel you belong, you are seen, you are heard, wanted, loved and more importantly validated.

You have been following me, through my lives and within my Facebook group Julia Frances Warriors for a while now. You have been listening to my words, and taking in all that I have to offer. You feel that my teachings and messages resonate with you. You feel connected and yet somehow want to feel complete – you know there is a missing piece that you have been searching for. You know this missing piece is out there. You are starting to connect the dots that it has been right here in front of you all along.

You are pumped to grow and develop your intuitive abilities. You are so ready to start diving inwards, to start pulling back the layers and want more than anything to step into your inner power and unleash the warrior within you. You love learning and growing, and creating. You want to align to your passion, and you want to fully embrace everything about your individuality.

Your soul has been longing to come home for so long. It has been calling out to you. It has been reaching out to you. It has been wanting to connect to you. But fear has stepped in the way of that. Fear has stopped you from bringing it back home.

You are now fed up with it all. You are wanting to move forward. You are wanting to live within yourself. You are wanting to feel yourself and you are wanting to connect to yourself.

Yet you are afraid. You are afraid to acknowledge yourself worth. You are afraid to step into your inner power. You are afraid to embark on a journey that leads you into the unknown. You are afraid to do this all alone.

The feeling of being alone, is terrifying. It’s easy to hold onto yourself externally–           the objects, things and lifestyle that have created this security around you and a safety net outside of you.  

Yet you are worried about what would happen if that would be taken away. You are worried about all the things you have worked so hard for, suddenly not being in reach anymore. You are worried that if all these external things around you are taken from you, you would be left standing there feeling raw, vulnerable and exposed. That is fucking terrifying. So it is easier to hide on inside and live on the outside.

I was afraid, and sometimes I still am afraid of the unknown. You know, of stepping into my intuition fully and completely and allowing myself to let go of everything around me. Fuck, I just want to vomit thinking about this.

Sometimes though you do not have a choice and you feel that you are forced or thrown into the unknown spot on. This happened to me this past summer. I felt that everything around me was out of control. My defenses were breaking down.

My life around me was shattering down. I was struggling at work, at home and everywhere else in between. Inside I was screaming. I was screaming to get out, screaming to be free, screaming to be me.

The criminal case against my Uncle for historical childhood sexual abuse and child pornography got dropped due to lack of evidence. My caseload was blowing up at work. My thoughts of suicide where at an all-time high. How I was functioning? That was beyond me.

You see, when we go through any short of trauma, no matter how big our small, are inner warrior steps in and our soul steps out. That is how you and I have been able to survive, living life externally.

There becomes a point where our souls want to come home, they are tired of living outside of us within the energy of our aura and want to be embodied within the energy of SOLE. – You know the unison of one that I have been teaching about.

When my defenses where no longer working for, my soul forced itself inside of me to protect me. That was also fucking terrifying as all the things I was trying to not feel, where not all of a sudden within me.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I ended up in the hospital. I was having panic attacks. I was dissociating. I was self-harming. I  was screaming on the inside. Dying to be heard. Dying to be seen. Dying to be acknowledge. Dying to be noticed. Dying to be validated that I was not crazy.

My soul to stepped back inside of me, to feel me, to acknowledge me and to finally see me. That was fucking scary. I took a while, for me to adjust back to how things really should be – centered and grounded, with my soul at home and complete inside of me.

The thing is, you have been searching too. You have been trying to make something from nothing, lost within the thoughts inside of your head, living externally but somehow craving for someone anyone, to finally see, to finally help you to be.

You, fellow soul seeker have been searching for so long. You are tired. You are ready to do the work for your soul to come home. You keep stumbling upon roadblocks. You are fed up.

As an intuition guide, you have never met someone else quite like me. You can’t get enough over how the sessions are two hours, how I combine the emotional healing with spiritual work or how I work to align your spiritual being to your higher purpose, as I work with you to allow the energy around you and through you  to open a portal to bring your soul home.

You feel  honored to work with me, to work with someone that has walked the walk and has many strengths and abilities to bring into the sessions. You feel inspired by my story of courage, of vulnerability, of truth, of overcoming, of growing and transforming into, a god damn warrior, and for me to be still standing after it all amazes you.

You have stepped into your inner power as a warrior and want to get there too.  But yet something is holding you back. A lack of faith, a lack of trust from within, or maybe the inability to see your worth amongst it all.

I want you to know soul seeker, that you are so worthy. You are here. You have always been here. You have been waiting and second guessing and overthinking. You are using all the other excuses for you to not be fully present within the moment, to not be fully aligned an in tune with your intuition.

But you are here. You are reading this and want to take action on this. You are tired of everyone taking advantage of you. You are tired of giving away your power to everyone else. You are worried that by investing to work with me, that I will be taking your power away.

Fellow soul seeker, my role as an intuition guide is to help you step back into your power, to align you with your higher purpose and to welcome your soul home. You have the power within. You have had it all along.

You don’t have to cry my fellow soul seeker, as I am here with you know. I am here so you do not have to feel so alone.

Love always,

Julia Frances

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