Pilot Project

Do you have intuitive children? Do you struggle with their behaviors at times? Have you exhausted all other resources? Do you feel afraid and alone? Lost, as if all the approaches you have tried are getting no where? Well, you have come to the right place! I am starting a pilot project to develop an intuitive therapeutic approach with children at a low cost. I am currently looking to work with families OUTSIDE of Waterloo Region.

  • Support you and your child through the process of understanding their intuitive abilities as well as your own.


  • Help your child and yourself understanding who they are connecting to and connecting with in the non-physical world.


  • Teaching you and your child coping skills so your child will be able to separate themselves from the non-physical world


  • Clear lost souls from your home


  • Explore your child’s imagination to help them understand how they see themselves and view the world around them.


  • Help build an understanding around your child’s emotional regulation, while support you to build your own self awareness of what emotions you are feeling in the process.

As an intuitive medium and empath, I will be able to connect to your children through their emotions and imagination. By connecting to them at this level, I will be able to then work with you and your child to help them understand how they view the nonphysical and physical worlds.

Tools that will be used:

  • Rocks and Crystals to make protection grids and to clear and heal energy and emotions


  • Child Oricale and Tarot Cards


  • Drawings, Art work and Writing


  • Play