Unofficial Biography

I would personally like to welcome you to my business, Julia Frances. I created Julia Frances with the hopes of connecting to like mined individuals whom are also on a spiritual journey, looking to find theirselves, their purpose and fulfill their mission here on Earth. 

I fully believe that using my spiritual abilities as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentience medium, I can help you on your search inward, and have you connect  deeper to your spiritual being.

 I want to work with you to help you discover you intuition and have you move through blocked emotions, and stuck places to reach your truest potential. 

I do this by bringing messages from spirit forward, guiding you to build yourself spirituality, build trust in yourself to listen to your intuition, and accept unconditional love. I provide one on one coaching, combined with counselling to help you move through your emotional blocks and realign your energy. 

My own spiritual journey fully began in 2015 when I was in a car accident, resulting in a near death experience. As my car flipped four times in the air over the highway, I was approached by a guardian angel, who stated that I had the choice to either decide to live or die. As I stood in a tunnel dark tunnel, light poured in from the other side. When I made the decision to live, my guardian angel let me to discover my purpose and meaning in this lifetime. 

When I awoke, my car had landed on the driver’s side, on the opposite side of the highway. An off duty paramedic spoke to me as I woke. When paramedics and firefighters arrived at my scene, the first responder had vanished. Later that night, I walked out of the hospital, the only injury I had was a broken, dislocated pinky finger. 

Shortly after this, the same month, I went on to graduate my post graduate studies in social work. Following finishing my second degree, I packed up a suitcase and moved to Ontario, something my intuition had been speaking for me to do since I was a child. 

My spiritual abilities started to grow in January of 2018, after having a number of visions and dreams, leading me to believe that I was meant to do something more. On evening, I became awaken from my spirit guide, Elda. At the time, she had told me to write. I took out my journal and began writing as a way to connect with her. Quickly after my first encounter with her, my spiritual abilities started to grow. I embraced myself in spiritual development classes. I started to do medium readings for friends. I built my website, and started my blog. I built connections with local spiritual teachers and mediums. My cat also helped my mediumship abilities grow. 

Butterflies started coming to me. I would find symbols and signs of butterflies all the time. They surrounded me. I started school part time for spiritual psychotherapy and I fully began to embrace my gift of writing, by attending workshops and seminars at every chance there is. 

In January of 2019, I began another journey and joined in with the #Metoo movement. I dug deeper into my past trauma, fully taking this year to focus on healing myself emotionally, spiritually and mentally. This year has been one of the toughest years for me in terms of mental health, and in terms of recovery. I have made tremendous gains, and pushed through a lifetime of fears and limiting beliefs. I found myself hospitalized amongst everything, getting diagnosed with PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Now, I am starting to build myself up again, to become a warrior, fighter and survivor. 2019 is the year for me and I invite you to also join me in having it be the year for you.