I am a twenty-something-year-old girl trying to make sense of my self outside the spiritual world. I love to be carefree and laugh when I am around those I love. I feel that my happiness manifests onto those around me, especially to those who accept me. If you don’t accept me for me that you and I are not meant to be – Fuck you. I am not going to change me, just because someone in the outside world does not like me.

I am perfectly imperfect. I’m a HUGE spiritual junkie attempting to follow what my intuition is telling me. There are times when I too become afraid to trust in what my intuition is telling me, to let go and let the universe guide me. Let’s be real. This is scary. But at the same time when I do let go, I realize this isn’t as scary as I thought. A huge rush of unconditional love flows through me and when I do feel at peace, and even when I do not at times, I say fuck it and let the universe guide me.

I like to communicate with through spirit to the Souls and Guides that surround me. I find comfort that someone is always there, that someone just wants to be heard, just like sometimes I want to be heard. The best feeling in the world is when I bring a Soul across for a client, and I give a message to them that they have been wanting to ages to be told. When my client releases their emotions, I too feel that feeling, it is an amazing overpowering feeling throughout my body knowing can I brought someone one step closer to building their own lifeline to the spiritual world.

I also think I am pretty good at communicating with animals, it is almost as if I can sense what they are feeling, and connect to them through their own emotions as well. The feeling of love that an animal has for their owner is the strongest sense of comfort, the strongest feeling possible.

That being said, I am obsessed with my cat. I love her to pieces and truly believe that she chose me. I think our animals choose us not the other way around, they sense us and know instantly that they belong with us. My cat, despite how crazy annoying she can be at times, is mine. I love her for her. She is absolutely everything to me, and of course, I can talk about her for ages.

Butterflies are my spiritual sign. Whenever I ask for guidance, I ask for the universe to give me butterflies. I find time everywhere, in all different kinds of places. They remind me to always be me, and always look within me.