About Me

Julia Frances

Julia Frances is an intuition guide. She works with individuals whom want to build their spiritual development, connect deeper to who they are, move through emotional blocks and realign their energy so that you can welcome your soul home. 

She works with you to connect your spiritual being to your higher purpose. 

Julia Frances is a warrior herself, having overcome historical childhood sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder. She uses her experiences to empower others and to show others how to step into their inner power and live within their passion. 

"Her intuition was her favourite superpower."

Julia Frances has studied under psychic mediums, Karen Barclay, Bonnie Thompson and Leonard Spicer. Her spiritual abilities developed quickly in 2018 after going through a spiritual awakening. During this time she began to take intuitive development classes, the transformational self courses, and even enrolled in a spiritual psychotherapy program. 

Meet my Gracie Girly. She is my best friend, my number on supporter and of course my spirit guide. Look at her eyes, they say it all!!! She loves to play, loves to be obnoxious and is in literally every video call and live I do! 

Gracie actually taught me my mediumship abilities. I have a full blog post on spirit-junkie.com about this but long story short, I had an intuitive development teacher tell me that I needed to figure out a way to process all the souls whom were coming to me through spirit. 

One night, Gracie was crying up at something when she was sitting on her cat tree. I looked up and tried to focus on the shadow she was meowing at. Turns out it was energy of a soul! 

After this within my abilities, I was able to align and communicate to spirit so much easier.